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Cazalet Consulting was founded 20 years ago and provides a wide range of services to financial institutions and related organisations such as technology providers and other advisory firms.


Its founder, Ned Cazalet, has been an adviser to HM Treasury (working on the Myners Review of Institutional Investment) and the House of Commons Treasury Committee, as well as being active in working with the FSA on various areas of regulatory reform, including distribution and the management of with profits funds.


Our services to financial institutions and related organisations include: strategic advice and market intelligence; mergers and acquisitions support; pension scheme risk transfer due diligence; business development, product design and testing; research, analytics and data; and distribution planning and technology.

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March 2017

The latest edition of Cazalet UK LIFE & PLATFORMS is out this month and includes a 600+ page PDF packed with the very latest market intelligence, with insights gathered from scores of recent interviews with senior industtry figures, as well as containing hundreds of charts and tables.


In addition, Cazalet UK LIFE & PLATFORMS comes with a set of 20 spreadsheets (available now) with tens of thousands of data points covering detailed key financials for 70 life groups including: solvency, capital resources, with profits balance sheets, premiums, claims, expenses, mathematical reserves, reinsurance amounts, unit-linked flows and balance sheets, asset breakdowns for with profits and annuities, and comprehensive new business data on a product-by-product basis.


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